[Verse 1]
Tell me where I belong
I've been trying for so long
Breaking out through the night
Made me see the bright light
Now I'm willing to fight
And I know that time is on my side

Time is like thunder, ah-ah
Hear it like thunder, ah-ah
All we've got are some days
And I am tryna' not to waste
Time is like thunder, ah-ah
Beating like thunder in our heads
Time is like thunder, ah-ah, ah-ah,ah-ah

[Verse 2]
At the end of your rope
Keep on hoping against all hope, oh
Time is fading away
So don't you lose a day
We can do what we say

(Time is like thunder)
(Time is like thunder) I know, you know
(Time is like thunder) I don’t want to wait
(Like thunder, like thunder)
Time is like thunder aaa
Hear it like thunder aaa
Beating like thunder aaa aaa aaa